"Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough, I don't know why." - Lana Del Rey.

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Saturday, 4 October 2014 | 01:51 | 0 letters


happy eid mubarak guys, may you all have a nice Qurban. I'll be heading to Kuala Pilah tomorrow (Sunday) and gather there with my whole family. I hope I won't get sick cause I was wet yesterday at the bus stop, alone because it rained. 

anyway, after I went back home I didn't take a bath and just sit here in front of the PC and watched a movie and then went out to watch The Maze Runner. it was fun but its like hell without fire, but with ice! if you understand me. I was wet and sat in a full air-cond room LOL. I'm so smart, don't judge me.

I was shivering but I had a jacket with me so it's fine. anyway, like always, I do miss a certain person. when is he be able to use his freaking phone? but you know, someone told me that it may be hard but hard is not impossible. its true, it may be hard for me to be patient and wait but it's not impossible right? it's possible, after all, its only for a month for him and a month 4 to 5 days for me. I'll be fine.

but I'm scared, whether he will forget me or I will forget him lol. so I tried so hard to not to forget him. I would read back the chats or do anything to remind him. it's suck but its true, I'm a forgetful person. no matter how important that person is, if I'm not be able to contact them, I'll forget them for sure hahaha.

it's not like I'm completely forget about them it's just the memories between me and them which I forgot. which means, I'll no longer be able to think that they are the same, or special haha. lol it suck. but it's the fact. anyway for now, I can't forget him so yay, I'm so cool jk. well let's study maths today and tomorrow. byebye.

just remember, I have seen the ugly parts of you, but I'm still staying. same goes with you.

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