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Wednesday, 1 October 2014 | 00:33 | 0 letters


hey, it's October. I still can't believe how fast time flies. like, come on, I just finished my trial lol still can't believe it. I tried so hard for my trial, hoping that I would get 4 A's at least.

but I got 2 A's, well it's okay then (?) I got number 1 in my class out of 38 students and I got 35 in school out of 386 students. I guess I could get better right? if I just study hard and study smart. I think starting tomorrow, I'm gonna stay late at school and study for a month. until SPM.

anyway, I'm so sad right now. someone told me that he can't play his phone anymore. it's not like I'm that demanding and desperate. it's just I don't want to be apart from my so called 'best-friend'. I will be bored for sure, oh please.. who's gonna layan my noob lawak. like I have the best sense of humor come on. my real life friends went like 'I have other works to do cya later sakai' lol! 

the conclusion is, I'm always left alone, those bastards.. fight me! well, I hope that his mum changed his mind. cause I was hoping that we both going to study together on skype. I need someone to teach me mathematics lol. besides, I got highest mark for maths because he taught me before exams. so I wonder if I studied hard before the night before exam, I wonder if I'm gonna get like A- at least?

well, gotta make study timetable. later.

If you're never apart, you'll never know how strong your relationship is.

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