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Tuesday, 9 September 2014 | 02:09 | 0 letters


I'm here cause I feel like imma flip all the tables in my house. I'm 100% sure I'll fail this Accountancy thing (cry). my teacher was not the one who made that questions. it was from cikgu Syam so.. what do you expect from him? MOST of our accountancy students failed last exam. I think about 88% maybe. 

cause he's fuken took international exams and gave it to us. so, that was hard tho. I can't do anything but to stare at the paper in front of me lol. out of 6 question, I only did two of them and.... I DONT EVEN KNOW IF IT WAS RIGHT OR WRONG. IM LITERALLY DYING RIGHT NOW.

lets, cry, together, jk. don't you think that candies up there looks delicious? *3*

live your dream.

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