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Thursday, 14 August 2014 | 02:31 | 0 letters


it's been a while, so busy lately and I'm so tired. tomorrow gonna be extra busy day. I have school and tuition, well Idk if there's night tuition or they'll extend it next week. on Saturday, there will be open houses at evening and night lol.

on Sunday, my family gonna make open house so, I'll be extra more tired and on Monday, there will be school day like usual. so, give me a reason not cry and mentally breakdown. JUST ONE GOOD PRO AND COOL REASON. 

about that one 'person' who's being an extra too 'shining' to me, I don't even look at her face when I'm talking to her. I pity her about before but when she did something like this. I just can't, tolerate, anymore. I feel so annoyed and IDK I don't want to hate her but please masters, teach me how not to hate her. I'll be grateful and give you some candies.

anyway, these days I easily got mad. wow I'm going back to my old self. wow, how not to rage? how to be an angel jk. well, I'll try not to get mad anymore. it sucks and even myself hate what I've done after I get mad lol. I'll be like 'WHY DID I DO THAT? WHY HOW CAN I NOT CONTROL MYSELF?! WHY?!' well, kinda like that *but even aggressive, I even throw pillows at my bedroom's wall and I'll scream like  'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'*

haha well, got to go, see ya guise later. good afternoon.

life is not a fairy tale

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