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Sunday, 8 June 2014 | 11:36 | 0 letters


So it's like 3AM, and I can't sleep. Maybe I overslept before cause of tiredness overloaded. I was watching 'The fault in our stars' trailer and I found it awesome. I'll watch it for sure. But I haven't watch Maleficent, let me cry a rivur.

K, to be honest, I'm blogging right now cause I'm freaking bored and I'm hurt. I need to talk to someone but I can't cause reasons. The fact that I can't sleep is fucking annoyed me. I can't let the pain go cause I can't sleep! I won't tell ya the pain tho. Well, anyway, this is why I don't want to put high hopes and trust someone cuz I know in the end it will be me who is hurt and I hate that fact lmao. 

Let's put this aside, so last few days my cousin get married! Her husband kinda cute and she's beautiful so it's a perfect match. I give my bestest and do all the works and I'm freaking tired cause dem ladies keep taking selfie and let me do all the work ALONE. Well not actually alone, my sister was with me.

So it was a big hit, even though we're late since all of them is busy getting ready. I'm still happy seeing them laughing except for that pervert bastard. I fucking despise him lmao. I'm so mad I wanted to punch him in his face and kick his @!# off harharhar. 

K Idk, I'm bored right now I can't think so goodbye.

Oh take me back to the start.

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