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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 | 06:35 | 0 letters

Assalammualaikum, lama tak post eh? Trial just finished week ago lol aku rasa OME BEST SIA!!

So here am I now, begging my sis " NAK MAIN LAPTOPP " lol, ya.. awkward moment, lol.
So, cerita pasal trial, aku baru dapat beberapa result, ceh padahal 2 je haha, KH and SN, Alhamdulillah tak ada fail. KH aku 74% and SN aku baru dapat paper 1, so SN paper one aku dapat 35/40, syukur :)

Target PMR untuk tahun ni is 5A or 6A. Tapi kalau dapat lebih takpe gak haaa, orang kata rezeki.. LOL jkjk. Btw I've just receive my keyboard/electric piano hehe, my sis bagi kita keyboard. I was like "GOD GOD IS THIS REAL?! FOR REAL?!!!" hahaha, i'm so nub jk. Ok sorry lah post pendek2, kita dapat on sejam je...

Goodluck 97 batches, for real PMR! Byebye, assalammualaikum :)

Time flew away, tick tock tick tock, as soon I realise, "oh! It'll be the end of the month and PMR is coming near,near,and nearer to me! I'm freakin out and I need to get prepare by now" :)

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